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Professor of mathematics dismisses public misconceptions of mathematical studies

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Professor of mathematics and Dean of Mathematical Sciences at the CK. Tedam University of Technological and Applied Sciences (CKT-UTAS) in Navrongo, in the Kassena-Nankana municipality of the Upper East region, Professor Nantomah has dismissed the long-standing misconception surrounding the study of mathematics. He stated that mathematics as a subject is very important in all aspects of life, and students should be encouraged to develop an interest in it just like any other subject. 

He made this known when he spoke on A1 News during the unveiling of a research initiative by the University known as the “Science Café.

According to Professor Nantomah, mathematics has its own principles and rules in its study that should always be obeyed, and they will be easy to understand. He noted that there is a need for people, including Teachers and parents, to start encouraging students to have an interest in mathematics rather than discouraging them.

“Mathematics is governed by rules, it has its principles,so it will appear difficult if you decide to go against the rules. So the study of mathematics appears to be a problem, partly because of the misconceptions we have about it. And this misconception sometimes comes even from teachers, parents, and friends. You don’t tell a student that mathematics is difficult without allowing the student to experience it for himself or herself. So I think it has to do with misconceptions about this important subject. We can work towards reducing the phobia or fear of mathematics if we take an aggressive campaign trying to let people see how important, interesting, or easy the subject is by obeying its rules.”  

Professor Nantomah further pointed out that Ghana, as a country, fails to put much effort into making the study of the subject important and interesting.  The Youngest and first mathematics Professor in Ghana believes all the identified contributory factors leading to the low performances of mathematics in Ghana lately are able to be addressed and mathematics studies will be loved by all.

Source: A1Radioonline.Com|101.1MHZ|David Azure |Bolgatanga|

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