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It laziness blaming everyone else but yourself for economic crisis – Michael Nangena to gov’t 

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A member of the NDC Regional Communications team, Michael Nangena, has called on the government to accept responsibility for the current economic crises in the country.

During a discussion on A1 Radio’s Critical Issues programme, Mr. Nangena criticised the government for blaming external factors while neglecting its own role in the state’s predicament. He emphasised the need for the government to take ownership and implement effective measures to address the challenges.

“It is a mark of laziness that you will have to blame every other person, every other situation for your problem except yourself. When will you ever take responsibility for the crises we are going through?”

His statement reflects a growing sentiment among critics who believe that the government must assume accountability and take concrete actions to address the economic issues at hand.

Highlighting the complexity of managing an economy, Mr. Nangena urged the government to approach the situation scientifically, rather than resorting to simplistic explanations. He remarked, “Managing an economy is not just like a beer bar pub. At least it is science. What is the simulation you have done to be able to tell us this is the contribution of these factors to our crises? You haven’t done so.”

Mr. Nangena also highlighted that out of three points mentioned by the Vice President in a lecture on the decision to seek IMF assistance, only one is external and the other two are internal.

“He spoke about the financial sector cleaning up. He talked about this energy sector crisis, and then he added COVID-19. If you look at these three, the two are internally born. It is only Covid that is external.”

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Gerard Awombadek Asagi|Ghana

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