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Artistes in Upper East Region don’t have promotional plans – DJ Aluther

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The issue of music promotion in the Upper East Region has been discussed on several platforms. Artistes are blaming DJs, Radio Presenters and Bloggers and vice versa. The latest to comment on this subject is DJ Aluther.

In his view, DJ Aluther says when it comes to promotion artistes in the region have no ideas.

“One thing about artistes in the Upper East Region is that they will put in all the efforts in the production of the material but the end product is to sell the material produced, they lack those ideas. It means they lack good marketers. They show so much energy going to the studio to record and everything but when it comes to promoting the song, they relax. They lack ideas. They don’t have a promotional plan”.

He further called on artistes to use the right channel to send songs to DJs for promotion.

“Most artistes have problems with me. If you send a song to me via WhatsApp, I don’t accept it. The format changes, the name and the naming of the song changes, and you don’t know the kind of Phone and laptop I am using. You are giving me extra work to pick a song, put it on my laptop and rename it. They have forgotten that I can lose my phone or my laptop at any time. But when you send it to me via email, it will be there for me to have access to at any time even if I lose my phone or laptop. Some of them think that is proving difficult but I am not. Am only educating them to do things the right way.”

 Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1Mhz|Ibrahim Aziz|Bolgatanga|Ghana

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