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Jocom Hotel’s Events Manager raises concerns over stagnation of UER entertainment industry 

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In an interview on A1 Radio’s popular show “Entertainment Zone,” Sandow Abdallah, the Events Manager at Jocom Golden Hotel, spoke out about the lack of signficant progress in the state of the Upper East music industry. He also shed light on several key challenges hindering the industry’s progress.

During the live broadcast, Mr. Abdallah explained that though the Upper East region is known for its rich cultural heritage and diverse musical traditions, this potential remains largely untapped due to limited exposure and outreach opportunities. The local music talents are often confined within the region, lacking the necessary platforms to showcase their skills beyond their immediate communities.

He stated that financial constraints have been a recurring obstacle for many artists in the region. Without adequate financial support, artists face challenges in producing and promoting their music to wider audiences, leaving their talents hidden from the world.

Mr. Abdallah highlighted the absence of digital marketing and distribution strategies, which restrict the musicians’ reach to a global audience.

Despite the challenges faced by the Upper East music industry, Mr. Abdallah remains optimistic and believes in the power of collaborations and collective efforts. He urged local stakeholders, including the government, businesses, and entertainment enthusiasts, to rally behind the region’s artists and offer their support.

Source: A1Radioonline.Com|101.1MHZ|Ibrahim Aziz|Bolgatanga|

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