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Residents of Buluk outraged over sporadic power outages, blame leadership failure

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Residents of Buluk, in the Builsa North and South districts, have taken to social media to voice their strong displeasure over the frequent power outages plaguing the area. The situation has prompted widespread frustration, with some residents attributing the problem to a lack of effective leadership.

Silas Akanmig, a concerned resident, highlighted the severity of the situation, stating, “The power outage situation in Buluk has gone way beyond NEDCO in Sandema. The real problem is Leadership failure. Leadership in the municipality has failed to find solutions to the power outage situation.”

Awonatey Unchained Spirit echoed similar sentiments, expressing frustration with the lack of action despite widespread complaints about the “DUMSOR” situation in Buluk.

He emphasised the need for action, saying, “Everyone in Buluk is complaining about ‘DUMSOR,’ yet no action is being taken. When you want change, you take action!!!”

Another resident, Amwaate Isaac Atiim, sought answers from NeDCo regarding the unexplained power outages occurring almost every 20 minutes in the districts.

“There is a serious DUMSOR that occurs almost every 20 minutes within a day in Builsa North Municipality in the Northern Region of Ghana. ECG/NeDCo what’s happening?”

The sporadic power outages are not only causing inconvenience to residents but also adversely affecting business activities and damaging electrical appliances in the area.

Residents are calling for accountability from leaders, be they political or traditional, to address the pressing issue and find lasting solutions to the power outage problem in Buluk.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Gerard Awombadek Asagi|Ghana

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