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Rapid Response Unit for Bawumia urges civil campaigns for as race for flagbearer position intensifies

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In preparation for the 2024 general elections, the Rapid Response Unit For Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia (RRU 4 DMB), a prominent support group for HIS EXCELLENCY THE VICE PRESIDENT, has issued a powerful call to action, urging Presidential Aspirants of the party to conduct civil and decorous campaigns. The group, in a bid to maintain party unity and a positive public image, emphasizes the importance of avoiding mudslinging and shadow boxing that could potentially denigrate the party’s chances in the upcoming elections.

“As the 2024 elections draw near, we entreat all supporters of the VEEP to remain mindful of his good course and avoid slipping into unnecessary distractions and rebuttals for a landslide victory in the party’s presidential primaries and form government of the country,” stated The Communication Team: RRU 4 DMB.

The campaign among the aspirants to elect a flag-bearer, a customary process in political parties, holds immense significance as it allows candidates to showcase their competencies, ideas, experiences, knowledge, and ability to lead the party and the nation towards prosperity and development. The RRU 4 DMB emphasizes the need for aspirants to demonstrate leadership qualities and a commitment to upholding the tenets of the rule of law while prioritizing citizen participation in the governance process.

“We pledge to engage in issue-based campaigns to focus on the strength, experience, and merits of our candidate,” assured The Communication Team: RRU 4 DMB.

However, the RRU 4 DMB expressed concern over the recent surge of attacks and vilifications directed at the Vice President, who is also an aspirant. The group firmly believes that engaging in such tactics only serves to hinder the party’s progress and provides detractors with ammunition to portray the party as divisive and ill-prepared for governing the country.

“The incessant attacks and vilifications on the Vice President and also an Aspirant, hasn’t been helpful for the good of our great party. It gives unfettered opportunity to our detractors to unbridledly use it against our party as divisive, not ready, and not fit for purpose for the governance of the country,” the group expressed.

With the Vice President having demonstrated significant leadership qualities and having endeared himself diligently and humbly before prospective electorates, the RRU 4 DMB considers him a strong contender for the flag bearership of the party and a preferred choice for the Ghanaian citizens in the 2024 presidential race.

The Communication Team: RRU 4 DMB concluded, “It’s the conviction of this group that focusing on the unity of purpose is the surest possible way to secure the fortunes of the party and country for the good of the citizens.”

As the election season intensifies, the RRU 4 DMB’s call for civil and decorous campaigns resonates as a crucial step towards maintaining party unity and fostering a healthy political atmosphere. By focusing on issue-based discussions and highlighting the strengths and merits of their candidate, the group aims to bolster party support and contribute to the democratic process and governance of the country.

This was contained in a release copied to this website.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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