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Talensi NDC disappointed Nana Addo-Bawumia-led Rock Estate project continues to sit unattended to

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Residents in the Upper East Region are still taken aback by what could be best described as the total abandonment of the Pusu-Namogo Affordable Housing Project in the Talensi Constituency of the Upper East Region, Ghana. 

The Rock Estates Project has been left in limbo for the past four years. It was promised as a solution to the housing needs of the people and a means to create jobs. A current visit to the site would show only two semi-detached two-bedroom structures built since its sod-cutting ceremony in 2019.

The National Democratic Congress in the Talensi Constituency has begun raising questions about the government’s commitment to the project and its priorities. These concerns were raised after a new sod-cutting ceremony took place on August 1, 2023, for the construction of 8,000 housing units in Pokuase, Greater Accra Region, with a promise of delivery within fourteen months.

A spokesperson for the NDC in the area, Michael Nangena expressed concern over the neglect of the Pusu-Namogo project, stating, “While we are not against the provision of such social infrastructure in any part of Ghana, we hold the strong view that the government must uphold its commitment and promise to the people of Talensi and the Upper East Region as a whole.”

The failure to deliver on the Pusu-Namogo Housing Project has left the people of the region feeling deceived and disillusioned, according to the NDC. The project’s abandonment not only jeopardises the region’s access to social housing but also impacts their access to farmlands, their source of livelihoods. 

According to a statement signed by Mr. Nangena and copied to this website, some smallholder farmers have lost their lands without appropriate compensation, adding to the grievances against the administration.

The government’s failure to keep faith with its promise to deliver on the project has left the good people of the area deceived, swindled, and disillusioned. The government’s neglect has not only shattered the hopes of those in dire need of housing but also exposed the administration’s lack of foresight and dedication to improving the living conditions of the people of Ghana.

“By abandoning the project, Nana Addo-Bawumia’s administration has not only betrayed the trust of the people of Talensi and that of the Upper East Region but also jeopardised the People’s access to their farm lands, their source of livelihoods, which was taken away from them without appropriate compensations, and their access to social housing, which is critical to a sustainable and equitable society at a time when the prices of building materials are out of the reach of many Ghanaians owing largely to the maladministration of this regime. The adverse effects of this dereliction of duty, particularly on the smallholder farmers who have lost their farm lands to the government’s deceit and those struggling with housing insecurity in the region, cannot be glossed over.”

He said the NDC demands transparency and accountability in the handling of public resources to prevent such neglect of public interest from recurring. Mr. Nangena urged the government to rededicate itself to the project and allocate the necessary resources for its completion.

“We demand transparency and accountability in the handling of public resources to ensure that such a gross neglect of the public interest does not recur.

The NDC stands firmly with the people of Talensi and all who are affected by this regrettable turn of events. We will continue to advocate for responsible governance, equitable housing policies, and genuine efforts to uplift the living standards of our citizens, as was witnessed under the watch of the NDC-John Mahama administration.

We call on the insensitive NPP-led government to prioritise the welfare of the people and take urgent steps to rectify the current injustices, corruption, and misgovernance it is currently perpetuating against the people of Ghana.

The future of our country depends on real commitment to addressing the challenges confronting the people, not mere rhetoric, fanciful sod cuttings, and empty, highfalutin promises.”

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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