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Medicine theft: Stanley Abopam calls for thorough investigation to identify more culprits

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A social commentator, Stanley Abopam, has called for thorough investigations into the alleged theft of 34 boxes of medicines by three Hospital staff at the Upper East Regional Hospital in Bolgatanga.

He said while it is imperative for the Ghana Police Service to conduct a high-scale investigation to root out all members of the cartel, stabbing the region at the back, authorities at the regional hospital also need to up their game as a lot of this thievery might have gone unnoticed.

“It raises questions on the type of stores or logistics systems we are using because the system is supposed to be self-proven and self-guarding, so it means that some players, bigwigs so to speak, are involved if what we are reading is true and the investigation ought to be thorough.” He said

Mr. Abopam added “My expectation is that authorities at the regional hospital and other health facilities will have to up their game.”

“I am tempted to believe that if this can  possibly happen at the Regional hospital level, then it is only a suggestion of what exactly would be happening at the lower level, where probably there will not be a lot of supervision,” he noted.

Mr. Abopam bemoaned that almost every time people were told to go and buy drugs outside the hospitals whenever they sought health care, and it was sad to note that these drugs meant for public good were diverted for personal parochial interest.

According to him, “It baffles me and many people who understand the workings of logistics and stores that you create a reposition for items that ought to be accounted for, and the items would have gone into the system and disappeared and no one would be able to trace them.”. 

The social activist tagged this as a “tragedy to our narrative as a people with defective moral consciousness.”

He said, ”Beyond the social welfare that we go to the church and Mosques to do, nothing moral is found in us, if they were conscious enough that the drugs they take out of the hospital would put the lives of innocent persons on the balance, and as humans as they are, they wouldn’t do that.”

Mr. Abopam lamented that because society glorifies money and illicit wealth without questioning, the pursuit of money has blinded most people to doing the unthinkable to become rich just to amass social respect and social status.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Gilbert Azeem Tiroog|Ghana

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