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Retired educationist emphasizes crucial role of teachers in nurturing learners

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Reverend Simon Asige, a retired educationist, has shed light on the significant responsibility that teachers hold in shaping young minds learners in the classroom. Drawing from his wealth of experience, he emphasised the pivotal role teachers play, particularly at the basic education level, in guiding and nurturing learners. He explained that the work of the teacher can be quantified as 60% while the pupil does 40%.

“At the basic level, the teacher plays such an important role in the sense that the child is still developing and is prepared to accept whatever the teacher says.”60% of the work has to be done by the teacher, and the pupil does the remaining 40%.”

Reverend Asige further underscored that teachers serve as the primary source of knowledge and guidance for their students. He remarked that it is the teacher’s responsibility to direct and inform learners on what they should learn.

“It is the teacher who tells what it is that the child is to learn. They don’t know what a syllabus is; they don’t even know there is something called a syllabus.”

Further highlighting the deep impact teachers have on their students, Reverend Asige recounted a scenario where children would strongly adhere to their teacher’s words, even when it was incorrect.

He said, “That is why children, when the teacher tells them something wrong and they come home and they say it and you say what they are saying is not right but rather they should say it this way, they will say no, no, no. My teacher said this and it must be right.” This, according to him, illustrates the immense trust and authority teachers hold in the eyes of their students, making it crucial for educators to impart accurate information and knowledge.

Reverend Asige urged teachers to recognize the profound impact they have on their students’ lives and to approach their roles with utmost dedication.

“I want teachers to know that they play such an important role, and that 60% of the job must be done by them.”

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Gerard Awombadek Asagi|Ghana

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