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Hospital Theft Case: Cast a wide net – UE Youth Movement urges Police

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The Upper East Youth Movement presented a petition to the Upper East Regional Police Command on Friday, August 18, 2023, following hours of disagreement with some police officers at the headquarters.

As the group peacefully marched to the regional police headquarters in Bolgatanga, certain police officers intended to receive the statement outside the premises of the headquarters, a proposition which the group vehemently opposed.

The group had undertaken a peaceful march in solidarity with Media Without Borders and the police service, advocating for the dismantling of a cartel involved in the theft of medicine from the Upper East Regional Hospital.

One of the police officers, who proposed receiving the statement outside the headquarters, explained that the commander was unavailable and thus he was tasked to accept the statement on the commander’s behalf. However, he imposed a restriction allowing no more than five people to enter the police premises. The Upper East Youth Movement contested this stance, emphasizing that their intention was to express appreciation for the police’s commendable work and not to be received in such a manner.

In the absence of alternatives, the group proceeded to address the media outside the headquarters before being allowed to enter the premises. At that point, ASP Saeed Boakye Yoadom arrived and conveyed that he had been instructed by the regional commander to accept the document on his behalf in his office. Following this development, the group entered the office and presented the document.

The statement, endorsed by six members of the group, among other points, urged the police in the region to intensify their investigation by broadening its scope beyond the hospital management.

“We are also here to urge you, the police, to broaden your investigation and delve deeper to encompass all individuals suspected to be accomplices, aiding and abetting both the demand and supply sides of this alleged criminal enterprise and network. The management team of the hospital and drug stores within and beyond the region, particularly those involved in issuing invoices and official receipts to facilitate this illicit medication trade, should all undergo thorough investigation and prosecution.”

The group humbly requested that influential figures, including politicians, traditional leaders, and religious figures, refrain from interfering in the investigation and prosecution of the cases for the betterment of the region.

ASP Saeed Boakye Yoadom expressed gratitude to the Upper East Youth Movement for their appreciation and assured that the police would handle the case appropriately.

Below is the full statement…

Source: A1Radioonline.Com | 101.1MHZ | David Azure | Bolgatanga

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