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Garages Association to fish out semi-trained apprentices operating independently in Upper East Region

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The Upper East Regional Branch of the Ghana National Association of Garages has launched a dedicated committee to assess apprentices who have not completed their training yet are operating their repair shops.

This decision has been taken to ensure the safety and competence of local mechanics, addressing the increasing concerns within the automotive repair sector in the region.

Seidu Akurugu, the Vice Chairman of the Association, announced this development on A1 Radio. He emphasised that a significant number of apprentices prematurely leave their training programs and establish independent shops, which potentially compromises the quality of service they offer and the safety of their clients.

The Vice Chairman stated, “We are committed to upholding high standards of professionalism and safety within our industry. Allowing unqualified mechanics to operate independently not only tarnishes our reputation but also poses serious risks to vehicle owners.”

He mentioned that the newly established committee would be tasked with conducting comprehensive assessments of these apprentice-turned-entrepreneurs. Their assessments will encompass evaluating their knowledge, skills, and adherence to industry safety standards. Individuals found deficient in any of these aspects will be required to undergo additional training and education before being granted permission to continue their operations.

“This initiative is not aimed at obstructing the progress of young mechanics but rather ensuring that they are sufficiently trained and qualified to offer dependable services,” Akurugu clarified. “We aim to motivate them to complete their apprenticeships and acquire the necessary skills and knowledge before venturing into independent careers.”

The Association also intends to collaborate with local technical and vocational schools to provide supplementary support and guidance to apprentices, thereby increasing the likelihood of them successfully completing their training.

He further emphasised that this initiative is expected to not only benefit mechanics but also enhance the overall experience and safety of vehicle owners in the region.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1 MHz|Moses Apiah|Ghana

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