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Talensi: TAMCI calls for unity in an effort to benefit from mining companies

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The Talensi Mining Community Initiative (TAMCI), a responsible mining advocacy organization based in the Talensi District of the Upper East Region, has called on residents in the area to unite to reap the benefits of mining from companies operating in the area.

The organization noted that the division among residents is depriving them of the benefits they would ordinarily receive from the mining companies, and there is the need for them to come together.

“We were one before mining came into our land, and this mining that should rather enhance development in our land should not create division among us” a member of TAMCI, Samuel Sapak Bugre, told Mark Smith on A1 Radio`s Daybreak Upper East show.

The secretary of the community-based organization, Gilbert Laamdolba, reinstated that the focus of the organization is to ensure responsible and accountable mining for the benefit of the people of Talenteng.

“TAMCI does not belong to an individual, and as humans, we are not perfect, and I plead with all our people to come together and do what is expected of us to do in order to benefit from these mining companies for the entirety of Talensi, Upper East, and the country as a whole by ensuring responsible mining”, he said.

Mr. Albert Naa, a member of TAMCI, noted that the benefits the organization has brought to people since its establishment are enormous, and given the needed support by the people, they can all together achieve more.

He said plans are far advanced to work with other organizations to train young people in the area on heavy-duty vehicle operation to take advantage of employment in the mining companies.

“We are also advocating for the mining companies to step in and stop training hairdressers and dressmakers and actually train heavy-duty vehicle operators”, he added.


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