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Winrock International initiates 2-year project to empower smallholder farmers in Upper East Region

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Winrock International has initiated a project named ‘Accelerated Dissemination of Soil Improvement Practices’ (ADSIP) aimed at improving the lives of smallholder farmers and enhancing agricultural productivity in rural areas of the Upper East Region.

ADSIP is a two-year project aiming to empower rural farmers with the knowledge and resources necessary to enhance their soils and farming practices, diversify their livelihoods, and build resilience in the face of climate change challenges.

The core objective of the project, as stated by Mr. Phillip Atiim, the Activity Coordinator, is to improve access to information, knowledge, and innovations related to Integrated Soil Fertility Management (ISFM).

Mr. Atiim added that it will empower rural farmers with the tools needed to maximise their agricultural potential, while also connecting them to extension and advisory service providers such as Agriculture Extension Agents, agro dealers, community-based agents, etc., to ensure food security in the region.

He unveiled the project at a 3-day technical training workshop organised for 35 Agriculture Extension Agents on Integrated Soil Fertility Management (ISFM) in Bolgatanga.

He highlighted significant challenges faced by smallholder farmers, such as limited access to information and resources, low technical capacity of AEAs, poor input and technology distribution channels, volatile global food, fuel, and fertiliser prices, and the ever-growing threats posed by climate change.

The ADSIP Project, Mr. Atiim stated, “is a critical step towards addressing these challenges and creating a brighter future for our smallholder farmers. By disseminating knowledge on Integrated Soil Fertility Management and establishing linkages with input markets and service providers, we aim to uplift rural communities and ensure their food security.”

“Integrated Soil Fertility Management (ISFM) is a holistic approach that combines organic and inorganic nutrient sources to improve soil fertility and enhance crop yields. ADSIP recognizes that effective soil management is a cornerstone of sustainable agriculture, and by promoting ISFM, the project hopes to rejuvenate the fertility of local soils while reducing the reliance on expensive chemical fertilisers.”

The Upper East Regional Director of Agriculture, Alhaji Zakaria Fusieni delivered a welcome address with encouragement to participants to take a key interest in the project. 

He emphasised with assurance that the project will not only empower farmers with knowledge but also help them make informed decisions about their farming practices. 

“We hope with keen expectation that this initiative will bring about significant positive changes in the lives of smallholder farmers in the Upper East Region. With improved access to knowledge and resources, these farmers will be better equipped to weather the challenges of a changing climate and a volatile global agricultural market.”

The Activity Coordinator added that the project primarily targets four districts in the Upper East Region, Garu, Bawku West, Builsa South, and Talensi due to their low fertility of their soils as suggested by research and their susceptibility to adverse climate conditions.

The participants greatly appreciated the project organisers for practically introducing them to the new technologies and practices through a field practical session held on farmer’s field at Dapoore community in the Talensi District. 

The ADSIP Project is being implemented by Winrock International under the Enabling Farmers for Agricultural Transformation (EFAT) and had its funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Source: A1radioonline.Com|101.1|Moses Apiah|Bolgatanga

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