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NDC PC for Talensi urges constituents to overcome challenges & register for Voter’s ID

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The Parliamentary Candidate for the Talensi constituency in the Upper East Region, representing the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Daniel Mahama Dung, has made a passionate call to action, urging the residents of the area to actively participate in the ongoing limited voter registration exercise.

According to him, despite the challenges that have marred the registration process, such as network failures and other technical glitches, obtaining voter cards is crucial for the betterment of the constituency and the nation as a whole.

The three-week exercise aims to update the voter register ahead of the upcoming elections, especially providing a valuable opportunity for first-time registrants. However, the process has been plagued by various issues, including technical difficulties and long queues at registration centres.

But speaking on A1 Radio’s Daybreak Upper East show, Mr. Mahama indicated that the exercise was an essential step in ensuring that the voice of the people is heard during elections.

He stated, “I understand that there have been difficulties, including network failures and long waiting times at registration centres. But I implore you all to endure these challenges and get yourselves registered. Your vote is your power, and it is crucial for the development of our constituency and our nation.”

Mr. Mahama emphasised that participation in the voter registration process is a civic duty that should not be taken lightly. 

“The voter ID card is not just a means to cast a vote but also a symbol of citizenship and a tool for holding leaders accountable,” he added. 

The parliamentary candidate also stressed the importance of a vibrant and engaged citizenry in a democratic society. 

He said, “Our constituency’s future is in our hands. By registering to vote, you are actively contributing to the decisions that will shape our community. Let us not be deterred by temporary setbacks. Together, we can overcome these challenges and ensure that our voices are heard in the upcoming elections.”

He acknowledged the support of the past and present Members of Parliament and their contributions to the ongoing exercise.

Source: A1radioonline.Com|101.1MHz|Moses Apiah|Bolgatanga

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