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BOGISS’ Harvest Youth Club calls on parents to establish cordial relationships with their wards

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The Youth Harvest Foundation`s school club at Bolgatanga Girls Senior High School, dubbed, Harvest Youth Club, has called on parents to establish cordial relationships with their children to understand their mindset and guide them through their careers.

According to the youth club, most relationships that exist between parents and their children are not that friendly, which shy away children from sharing issues affecting them with their parents and rather resorting to their peers for advice.

This, the youth club noted, has the tendency of leading the children astray in the event that they are not given good counsel by their peers.

“The youth are the future leaders, but we can see that some of the youth are going astray, and we have taken it upon ourselves as a club to educate our colleagues on good deeds, but parents have a key role to play in shaping who their children become in the future, and they can do this by first establishing a good relationship with their children to enable them to share their problems with them,” a member of the club, Agongo Issaka Sumaiyatu Winnebo said. 

The Harvest youth club also called on their fellow students to try to learn on their own to complement whatever they are being taught in class to enable them to pass their exams.

“It takes hard work, determination, and learning ahead to pass exams because nowadays the syllabuses are too broad, so if you are waiting on only the teacher to come to the class and teach, then you would have problems passing your exams, so as students we need to work hard”, Mohammed Barikisu indicated.

The youth club revealed this when some of its members spoke to Mark Smith on A1 Radio`s Daybreak Upper East show.

The Youth Harvest Club is a youth-focused project by the Youth Harvest Foundation, a non-governmental organisation, currently targeting five senior high schools in the Upper East Region.

It aimed at fostering youth engagement by creating platforms to empower the youth in areas that the school curriculum does not cater for, such as health, social development, and entrepreneurship, among others.

Source:A1radioonline.Com|101.1MHz|Gilbert Azeem Tiroog

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