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Chinese becoming increasingly valuable – CKT-UTAS explains decision to teach Chinese language 

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The Center for Modern Languages at CKT University of Technology and Applied Sciences in the Upper East Region has announced its decision to introduce Chinese language courses. 

The move comes as part of the university’s broader strategy to equip students with a diverse set of skills that will prepare them for success in the modern world. The Faculty Officer of the Department, Abdul-Aziz Kamara, made this known during a recent radio discussion on A1 Radio. 

According to him, the decision to introduce Chinese language courses is driven by the increasingly advanced nature of global trends and the growing importance of linguistic diversity. He highlighted how learning Chinese can significantly enhance academic activities and open up new opportunities for students.

“Language is a gateway to understanding different cultures and building stronger connections with people from around the world. In today’s interconnected global economy, being able to communicate effectively in multiple languages is a valuable asset. Proficiency in Chinese is becoming increasingly valuable in various fields, including business, technology, and international relations. Our aim is to ensure that CKT UTAS students are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the modern world.”

Academic Planning and Quality Assurance Director at the university, Professor Samson Abagale, also echoed Mr. Kamara’s sentiments. 

“Language skills are an essential part of a student’s toolkit for success. By introducing Chinese language courses, we are giving our students a competitive edge in the global job market. Additionally, language learning enhances cognitive abilities and fosters cross-cultural understanding, both of which are vital in today’s interconnected world.”

He emphasised that CKT-UTAS is not only focused on imparting knowledge to students but also on nurturing them to become job creators and innovators.

The faculty officer, however, assured that the program will include language classes, cultural immersion experiences, and opportunities for students to engage in real-world applications of their language skills.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|Moses Apiah|Bolgatanga|Ghana

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