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Upper East Regional Tourism Director Urges protection of tourist sites 

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Wisdom Ahadzi, the Regional Director of the Ghana Tourism Authority in the Upper East Region, has issued a heartfelt appeal to residents, urging them to actively participate in protecting and preserving the region’s abundant tourist sites.

He emphasized that when residents take pride in their surroundings and protect these sites, it becomes more attractive to tourists, leading to increased visits and contributions to the local economy. This positive cycle, he added, can result in more employment opportunities, improved infrastructure, and an overall higher standard of living for all.

Mr. Ahadzi made this appeal during a World Tourism Day event at the Paga Crocodile Sanctuary, highlighting that with the collective support of local communities and the government, significant improvements in their lives could be achieved through the growth of the tourism sector.

He stated, “Our tourist sites are our treasures. They hold the potential to create jobs, stimulate local businesses, and improve our overall quality of life. However, their sustainability depends on the active involvement of the local community.”

World Tourism Day is celebrated annually on September 27th to raise awareness of the economic and cultural significance of tourism. This year’s theme, “Tourism and Green Investment,” aligns closely with Mr. Ahadzi’s vision for the Upper East Region.

Mr. Ahadzi and his dedicated team marked the occasion by taking concrete steps towards the protection and enhancement of various sites in the region. They initiated a tree-planting campaign at various locations, in line with the dual objectives of improving the visual appeal and preserving these valuable attractions. Mr. Ahadzi emphasized that the tree-planting initiative symbolized their commitment to the cause, not only enhancing the natural beauty of the sites but also playing a vital role in maintaining their ecological balance.

During the event, the director called for unity and shared responsibility among residents to protect, preserve, and promote the treasures that their homeland has to offer.

“With collective efforts, the future of tourism in the region looks promising, holding the potential to transform lives and communities for the better.”

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1Mhz|Moses Apiah|Paga|Ghana

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