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Compilation of voters register denies some citizens voting right – Lawyer Bawa laments

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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary candidate for the Bongo Constituency, Lawyer Charles Bawa-Dua, has strongly advocated for a system that would allow citizens to take part in any election in the country after attaining the required age.

Lawyer Bawa-Dua argues that, for the electoral commission to continue compiling voter lists, a system can be created where anyone who attains the age of 18 and above and is a citizen of Ghana with a sound mind should be allowed to vote on any voting day after presenting any document to that effect.

According to Lawyer Bawa-Dua, the current system in which one needs to be registered before he or she can vote keeps denying people the right to vote because of the inconvenience associated with registration.

“If you look at the constitution of Ghana it is clear in its terms that every citizen of sound mind and age has the right to vote. So key thing is to prove that you are a citizen, that you are of age and that you are of sound mind, and once you have evidences of that, you should qualify to vote.”

“This other thing about register, which we use it to eliminate people from voting, eliminate because we have made it so difficult for people to register. How on earth will you expect people to walk one, two, or several distances across a river to come and register? So by reason of our decision that we should put in place a register for the purpose of voting, this people have been eliminated; we should rather have a process whereby every citizen have an identification.”

The NDC Bongo constituency parliamentary candidate for the 2024 election made this statement when he visited the Bongo Electoral Commission office in Bongo to inspect the ongoing limited registration exercise. 

Lawyer Bawa-Dua also used the opportunity to express optimism over winning both parliamentary and presidential hands down in the constituency. He stated, He is a unifier, and he made it clear before his victory as PC; therefore, he will make sure everyone gets on board to campaign for the development of Bongo.

Source: A1Radioonline.Com|101.1MHZ|David Azure |Bongo|

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