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Share information relevant to armed robberies with DISEC – Talensi DCE advises residents

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The Dce for Talensi, Thomas Duanab Wuni Pearson, is calling on all residents in Talensi to share all information relevant about armed robberies to the District Security Council (DISEC). This would help DISEC coordinate a more comprehensive response to the heightened concerns about security in the area.

Mr. Wuni Pearson made these comments when he spoke with A1 Radio’s Mark Smith. 

“We are in the assembly and we are doing our work. If you have information, you can’t use your information to work. you would have to bring it to the people in-charge to do work. If you are sitting in the house, I cannot know which work you are doing but I am in the Assembly and you know that I am in charge. Who is not aware that the DCE is the chairman of DISEC? So when you have information, where do you take it? The police commander is in his office. It is for me to pick information and go and pick it for him. If I don’t go to tell my minister that these are my challenges, how would he know? He is taking care of 15 districts. That is not how work is done. We are together and when you have information, bring it to where the information can used to benefit all of us.”

The DCE insisted that this is the way to go to help manage the security situation as quickly as possible.

Again, there could be a district-wide clash between residents of the Talensi District of the Upper East Region and members of the Fulbe communities settling in parts of the district. This is due to heightened security concerns in the area, with many fingers pointed at members of the Fulbe community.

“We haven’t had that yet but I am sure it is imminent.We could have clashed because now a lot of the people are sensitised into identifying who is robbing you without looking at faces. but sometimes in identifying a criminal, you may not be entirely spot on. In the heat of the moment, if there is a line up and you see someone who looks like this person who attacked you, it may give credence to the fact that these are the people leading the attacks.”

When the DCE for the area, Thomas Duanab Wuni Pearson, spoke with A1 Radio’s Mark Smith recently, he called for calm heads as the Assembly coordinates a comprehensive security response to the issues in the communities because the crimes cannot be entirely placed at the doorsteps of members of the Fulbe community.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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