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Talensi: Baare celebrates Daa festival with a call for peace & unity

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The chief of Baare, Naab Nyaakora Mantii, and his people marked the annual Daa festival by urging community members to embrace peace and unity. Baare is a community in the Talensi district of the Upper East region, comprising six traditional sections with shared cultural norms and values.

During his speech at the Daa festival held at his palace, Naab Nyaakora Mantii emphasised that the community stands for the development of Baare and the entire Talensi district. He stressed that development cannot be achieved without peace and unity among the people. Therefore, he called on the residents to promote peace for the progress of Baare.

“When someone steps on your toe, you should respond by saying sorry. You say sorry because you want the development of the area. So I feel privileged to have all these great men and chiefs in my palace. I believe this is a first of its kind,” he said.

Naab Nyaakora Mantii also appealed to the government and development partners to address various challenges at the Tongo district hospital. He pointed out that the hospital, which was relocated to the Baare community, lacks essential facilities for smooth operation.

“I urge the government and our development partners to come to our aid because we are in dire need of help. In 2015, the chief, Tindaams, and people of Baare allocated 55-acre land for the government to construct a district hospital. I believe the land is still available today. However, only a few structures have been built, which is not sufficient. We still need many facilities to be added,” he stated.

In his response, the District Chief Executive for Talensi, Thomas Duanab Wuni, emphasised the importance of peace and unity in the district to foster development. He also assured the people of his commitment to addressing the issues facing the hospital.

Source: A1Radioonline.Com|101.1MHZ|David Azure|Baare Community|

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