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Peace Council calls on stakeholders in education to urgently deal with  tribal conflicts in SHSs

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The Upper East Regional secretary to National Peace Council, Ali Anankpieng, has called on parents, teachers and other stakeholders in education to take particular interest in solving tribal conflicts in the Senior High Schools within the region.

His comment came on the back of students clashing at the Azantilow Senior High/Technical Schools.

A1 News received reports of a clash between Builsa students and Kassena students at the Azantilow Senior High/Technical School over alleged missing money.

Speaking on the Daybreak Upper East show, Mr. Ali said tribal conflicts in the senior high schools are raising serious security concerns, hence the need to urgently deal with the matter. 

He blames the happenings on society, stating that everything that is happening in the high schools is a replica of society. 

He said, “…out of about 38 public senior high schools, if you have a number of them, not less than 10, having issues that go beyond student-student issues but involve ethnic issues, then it calls for some concerns. The students are part of the general society. So whatever happens within the general society enters the schools. I think that is what is happening”.

Mr. Ali has hinted at measures his outfit in the region is engaged in to get a lasting solution to the canker.

“We are not just looking at issues at the school level; we are also looking at the community level, where ethnic-based youth groups can be engaged to understand issues of conflict. So we are tackling it across the board, at the school level and then at the community level, because whatever happens in the schools is definitely influenced by what happens at the community level because children come from communities and they belong to ethnic groups at the community level. Whatever is fed to them, they take it up with the schools. So we need to tackle these issues across all sections of the population, not just at one level”.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Samuel Adagom|Ghana

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