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NPP parliamentary candidate aspirants will be vetted thoroughly – Peter Ayinbisa

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The Communication Director for the NPP in the Upper East Region, Peter Ayamga Ayinbisa, has indicated that the party will thoroughly scrutinize all 33 individuals interested in leading the party in the various constituencies ahead of the 2024 general and parliamentary elections.

Speaking on A1 Radio’s Day Break Upper East Show on November 14, 2023, Mr. Ayinbisa explained that the party will leave no stone unturned in an attempt to ensure that only the right aspirants are fielded.

Vetting is expected to begin today at the NPP Regional Office in Bolgatanga, the Upper East Regional capital.

“We will spend more time unearthing their talents and looking at what they bring on board. It looks quite difficult but it is doable. We do not want to gloss over things so that we would have candidates who will go and later be disqualified or people will have issues with, like Adamu Sakande. We are very interested in ensuring that we do thorough work, get to know the candidates and their eligibility, get to know their contribution to the party. So we will take our time with each aspirant. We have to dig deep. Issues of tax clearance are a serious matter. Dual citizenship is a very important issue. We have seen what happened in the Assin North issue. We would want to delve deeper to ensure we have candidates who don’t have dual citizenship. We also want to know that they are people who are committed to the cause of the party.”

In total, thirty-three individuals are expected to be vetted across eleven constituencies. The Upper East Region comprises fourteen constituencies, with three out of the 14 being uncontested. They are Mathew Silas Amoah for the Bolgatanga East Constituency, Alhaji Hanan Abdul-Wahab for the Pusiga constituency, and Thomas Alonzy for the Builsa North Constituency.

“Today we are starting the vetting. The party has indicated that the vetting would start across the country. The ending day would depend on the numbers in the various regions. For regions that are considerably small like ours, we would be done in two days. We are going to vet 33 aspirants across the region. In some cases, we have huge numbers. In other constituencies, there are small numbers,” he said.

In the Bawku Central constituency, six aspirants are to be vetted, the highest number among the lot. The Navrongo Constituency has five aspirants, and there are three aspirants in the Garu, Talensi, Bolgatanga Central, and Bongo Central constituencies. Two aspirants are competing for the Nabdam, Builsa South Constituency, Chiana-Paga, and Garu, Tempane, and Zebila Constituencies.

There are three women in the running ahead of the primaries.

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Pursuant to the NEC decision to hold the vetting of Aspiring Parliamentary Candidates (APC) we wish to bring to the notice of Aspiring Parliamentary Candidates (APC), Constituency Executives, Constituency Parliamentary Elections Committee (CPEC) and other stakeholders the schedule of vetting as follows,

DAY ONE (1) Tuesday, 14th November, 2023

10:00am – Bolgatanga Central Constituency

11:00am- Garu Constituency

02:00pm Bongo Constituency

03:00pm-Nabdam Constituency

04:00pm-Tempane Constituency 05:30pm Talensi Constituency

DAY Two (2) Wednesday, 15th November, 2023

10:00 am-Builsa South Constituency

11:00 am- Navrongo Central Constituency 01:00 pm Chiana/Paga Constituency

04:30pm-Zebilla Constituency

For the avoidance of doubt each Constituency Parliamentary Elections Committee (CPEC) shall join the National Parliamentary Vetting Committee (NPVC) whenever aspirants from their respective constituencies are to be vetted. Members of the Constituency Executive Committee and Regional Executive Committee may attend as observers during vetting session. The venue is the Regional Secretariat, Bolgatanga, Thank you.

Yours Sincerely

Daniel Ziba

Member, NPVC (For Secretary of the Committee)

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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