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BONABOTO regional chairman urges political paradigm for rapid development

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The Regional Chairman for BONABOTO in the Upper East Region, Dr. Esmond Agurgo Balfour, has indicated the need for a transformative shift in the public mindset regarding politics. Dr. Balfour addressed the issue during a recent discussion on A1 Radio, where he and other guests explored the profound impact of inadequate infrastructure on education in Bolgatanga Municipal.

The conversation was prompted by a detailed news feature by Moses Abaa Apiah an A1 Radio reporter, shedding light on the challenges faced by the local education system due to subpar infrastructure. Dr. Balfour’s remarks during the discussion went beyond the immediate concerns of education, touching upon the broader implications of a highly politicized society.

Dr. Balfour called for a change in mindset, stressing the danger of excessive politicization, noting that it can cloud individuals’ judgment, diverting attention from the genuine issues at hand.

“We must have a change in mindset as a people. When you become too politicized, you fail to see the reality of the sense being delivered and get worried about the talking against my party and about that party.”

Dr. Balfour urged citizens to rise above partisan divisions and focus on the actual challenges facing their communities. “If we don’t change our mindset to appreciate reality and work together to fix it, in fact, if we have to deal with our politicians, let’s deal with them,” he emphasized. “They are supposed to lead us to make progress. They shouldn’t be our bane of problems. Let’s hold them accountable.”

The Regional Chairman’s perspective encourages a reevaluation of the role of politics in society, emphasizing the need for constructive engagement rather than divisive partisanship.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1Mhz|Gerard Asagi|Bolgatanga|Ghana

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