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Robert Ajene urges prioritisation of education over politics

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Retired educationist, Robert Ajene has called on people in the Upper East Region to prioritize conversations that enhance the educational landscape. The appeal was raised amidst a conversation addressing the detrimental impacts of insufficient educational infrastructure within the Bolgatanga Municipality.

This discussion was prompted by a news feature presented by Moses Abaa Apiah, a reporter at A1 Radio, shedding light on the dire condition of educational infrastructure in the Municipality.

Mr. Ajene expressed concern over the prevalence of political discourse that, in his view, hinders the development of the education sector in the region. He emphasized the need for a collective effort to address the challenges faced by schools and educational institutions.

“Let’s frown down on politics relating to the development of schools or in education. It’s a hardcore decision that will help us develop. Otherwise, we will take two steps ahead and one step behind and we remain where we are,” Mr. Ajene remarked during the conversation.

The retired educationist directed a specific call to Parliamentarians in the BONABOTO enclave, urging them to take a proactive stance in supporting the education sector. He voiced his dissatisfaction with the current level of commitment from elected officials in the region.

“Our parliamentarians in the north, and I will beat it down to the parliamentarians in the BONABOTO area. They are not doing enough for the development of education in their areas. They can challenge me to that. And I think we are getting frustrated, not very satisfied”.

Mr. Ajene’s comments highlight a growing frustration within the community regarding the perceived neglect of educational development by political representatives. The call to action is a plea for a more concerted effort to overcome the challenges faced by schools, particularly in the Bolgatanga Municipality.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1Mhz|Gerard Asagi|Bolgatanga|Ghana

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