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Navrongo MP supports Wemo-Atu Widows and Orphans Ministry

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The Member of Parliament for Navrongo Central Constituency, Sampson Tangobu, has revived the livelihood of the ‘Wemo-Atu Widows and Orphans Ministry’ by repairing a long-neglected mini-bus for its daily activities.

The group, comprising nearly 3000 women, engages in activities such as shea butter production, farming, and other livelihood activities.

The mini-bus, donated by the former Defence Minister Mark Woyogo some time ago, was once the lifeline of the group but had been left in disrepair for years. This made it difficult for the women to transport their goods to and from farmlands and market squares.

Recognizing the importance of the mini-bus to the group, the legislator decided to help. He equipped the mini-bus with four brand-new tires, a new engine, and other necessary components that could bring the bus back on the road.

Speaking to the media, he stated that the women had been trying to repair the bus for a long time, but their efforts had been unsuccessful. He felt that it was his responsibility to assist them.

The ‘Wemo-Atu Widows and Orphans Ministry’ expressed their gratitude to the legislator for his intervention, recognizing the impact it had on their lives. The group leader, Lamisi Weyiramogwi Atiim, thanked the legislator for his role in alleviating their struggles. She emphasized that the mini-bus was not just a means of transportation but also a symbol of hope for the group.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Moses Apiah|Ghana

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