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We’re ready to offer our lands for gov’t projects – Tongraan to Upper East Regional Minister

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The Overlord of the Talensi Traditional Area, Tong-Rana Kubilsong Nalebegtang, has given his unwavering support to the Upper East Regional Minister in his quest to attract investors and government projects to the region. He expressed his willingness to offer land to the government or investors who are willing to extend their offices to the Upper East region.

In a speech delivered by the Upper East Regional Minister, Mr. Stephen Yakubu, at the 13th biennial delegates congress of BONABOTO in Tongo, Mr. Yakubu lamented how difficult it is for the Regional Coordinating Council to acquire land for government projects.

According to Mr. Yakubu, families and landowners are making it challenging for the Regional Coordinating Council to facilitate the construction of regional institutions befitting the municipality as the regional capital. He stressed that the construction of institutions such as the Passport Office, the Office of the Labor Department, offices of the Mineral Commission, and the SOCO offices, among others, faces difficulties due to families and landowners demanding outrageous compensation packages. This situation is discouraging both investors and government institutions from establishing a presence in the region.

In response to the minister’s concerns, the revered chief, who chaired the occasion, assured the Regional Minister of his willingness to offer land for developmental projects. He further admonished the minister to consider other districts outside Bolga municipality when looking for places to establish government offices, as all the districts fall under the region.

He stated, “The Regional Minister said something that I have noted, for example, that institutions coming here to establish themselves. All these people are looking for land to build, and we are the same people who are making it difficult for them to come here. And we are the same people who are crying that we are not being taken care of. If we don’t change our attitude by way of encouraging people or investors to come here, we are going to be the people who will suffer. We will lag behind. I would like to urge all my colleagues, traditional rulers, landowners, and all those who have the capacity to issue out land to do so willingly and with some modesty. This will ensure that we do not ask for so much money because some of the institutions are handicapped, even though they may be willing to pay, they may not be able to pay the millions of cedis that you are asking for. In Talensi land, we are ready to offer land wisely and properly for use, and I don’t think the region is only to accommodate regional offices within Bolga. It is open to other parts. So if others are being reluctant, we in Talensi are ready.”

(BONABOTO), a non-partisan association of citizens from Bolgatanga, Nangodi, Bongo, Zuarungu, and Tongo, has held its 13th biennial delegates congress in Tongo to take stock of the association and plan for the years ahead. This year’s congress was under the theme, ‘Promoting Peaceful Coexistence, Protecting the Environment for Sustainable Development: The Role of BONABOTO.’

Source:A1Radioonline.Com|101.1MHZ|Samuel Adagom|Bolgatanga|

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