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5th edition of Tigsitaaba celebrated with a call for unity among ‘Yeriba’

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The people of Yorogo in the Upper East Region have celebrated the 5th edition of the Tigsitaaba festival amidst drumming, dancing, and a colorful display of the culture and traditions of the area.

Tigsitaaba is a festival celebrated by the eight clans of Yorogo to drive development and unity.

The eight clans are Atiabiisi, Abangabiisi, Kunkua, Gaabiisi, Bulgo, Apukobiisi, Abugrebiisi, and Asorogobiisi. This year’s Tigsitaaba was held at Asorogobiisi under the theme, “Promoting Peaceful Coexistence and Development: the Role of Festivals.”

In a speech read on his behalf, the chief of Yorogo, Naba Kosomo Lebge Serum-Tinganbila-Lebge Goo, commended the committee for its strenuous efforts at improving the festival each year.

“Again, let me congratulate the Tigsitaaba committee for their relentless efforts in organizing this festival successfully. I am aware of the quiz program that was included in this year’s edition, and I must say I am happy and proud of the strides being made. Such a program is important since it will allow the young ones to have a good understanding of their roots. Given my background as an educationist, anything to improve education in our communities must be embraced,” he said.

Tigsitaaba, according to Naba Serum-Tinganbila-Lebge Goo, “started here [Asorogobiisi] with the cultural day and food bazaar in 2019. Holding the event here at the Asorogobiisi School Park is only to allow for inclusion and foster peace and unity, as the theme of this year’s festival suggests.”

The chief of Yorogo restated the importance of maintaining peace and unity, reminding all Yeriba that the Tigsitaaba must serve as a platform to further conversations around the development of Yorogo.

“As we gather to mark the 5th edition of the Tigsitaaba Festival under the theme; Promoting Peaceful Coexistence and Development: the Role of Festivals. I want us to keep reminding ourselves that this festival was instituted to serve as a forum for all of us to discuss major development issues and to unite all Yeriba. A community that cannot unite to celebrate, reflect, make decisions, and foster peaceful coexistence is naked and lacks direction.”

“I, therefore, wish to urge all of us to invest the needed energy and resources to safeguard the Tigsitaaba festival and to make sure it outlives our generation. It is only at that point we can look back with joy that we indeed left a legacy. I hope that the youth will take a keen interest in the organization of the festival and actively participate in all activities. Festivals for Africans form part of our identity, and for the people of Yorogo, Tigsitaaba remains our identity. One we need to wholeheartedly protect. Maintaining peace should be an everyday activity, and for every year, we should at all times think about the good of the community and avoid speaking and acting in a manner that will divide and break our front. It will take the people of Yorogo to maintain peace to be able to attract the needed development. Let us, therefore, do away with sectionalism and unite for a common agenda,” he said.

Naba Serum-Tinganbila-Lebge Goo used the opportunity to commend the Ghana Police Service for improved security in the area.

Source:A1Radioonline.Com|101.1MHZ|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Bolgatanga|

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