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Balungu Chief outdoored in grand style; embarks on procession with ‘mahama can do’

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The chief of Tongo-Balungu in the Talensi district of the Upper East region, Naba Wmaribilsoga niitenga/ Putesonga maale tenga, during the annual outdooring ceremony, set the event apart with a unique entrance to the durbar ground as he rode on a motor tricycle otherwise known as ‘Mahama can do’, blending tradition with modernity.

The vibrant ceremony took place at the Balungu chief palace, where community members and dignitaries gathered to witness the historic occasion. The air was filled with excitement as drummers and dancers set the rhythm for the festivities.

Draped in rich fugu cloth and adorned with symbolic regalia, Naba Wmaribilsoga niitenga/ Putesonga maale tenga emerged from the palace and waved at the onlooking crowd. The atmosphere was electric with the sounds of traditional music and chants, reflecting the community’s joy.

In his address, the chief of Tongo-Balungu emphasized his commitment to preserving the rich cultural heritage of Balungu. While sharing his vision for the development of the community, he appealed for support to establish a social center in the community.

“It is with great pleasure that I announce our intent to establish a social center that will serve as a hub for social, cultural, and educational activities. This center will not only provide a space for community members to come together and engage in various activities, but it will also serve as a catalyst for unity and development within our beloved Balungu.”

The annual outdooring festival is to give thanks to the gods for a bumper harvest and request for their protection. Naba Wmaribilsoga niitenga/ Putesonga maale tenga lamented the encroachment of Fulani herdsmen and their cattle on farmlands belonging to the people of Balungu.

“I would use this occasion to caution them to be more vigilant in handling their cattle so that next farming season, complaints from farmers would reduce to the barest minimum. I will also implore our farmers to remain calm and handle their grievances in a peaceful manner. It is essential that we follow the appropriate channels to address these concerns,” he added.

The Tindaana of Tongo-Balungu, Bilisunga-Belunkiima-Maanie, commended the chief for his leadership style that unites the community. The Tindaana reiterates the need for the community members to remain united and adopt a spirit of teamwork.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1Mhz|Joshua Asaah|Balungu|Ghana

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