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Cardinal Namdini Mining Limited prioritizes community development – CSR Superintendent

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In response to concerns surrounding mining operations in Ghana, Maxwell Wooma, the Community and Social Responsibility Superintendent of Cardinal Namdini Mining Limited, has asserted that the company is committed to a different approach, emphasizing community development and giving back to the areas where it operates.

His remarks come after some wide perceptions about the operation of mining companies in Ghana. A section of the public has always held the view that mining companies operating in the country are exploiting the communities without being socially accountable to them.

To allay the fears of the people of the Talensi and Nabdam districts and the Upper East region, Mr. Wooma highlighted some initiatives undertaken by Cardinal Namdini Mining Limited to ensure a positive and sustainable impact on the communities next to their operations.

“People have always complained that mining companies are taking so much out without giving to the communities. We are different; completely different. This is just an exploration stage we are in, but you will see that we are contributing meaningfully in terms of health, agriculture, and education. We are going to do more, God willing when we have a very fine substantial gold in this Nangodi area.”

Cardinal Namdini Mining Limited, a subsidiary of Shandong Gold, is currently at the construction stage in the Talensi district with the expectation of pouring its first gold in the last quarter of this year. The company was also granted a prospecting license to discover gold in the Nandogi area as well as some parts of the Upper East region.

The Community and Social Responsibility Superintendent of Cardinal Namdini Mining Limited was speaking to A1 Radio when he joined the Vice President of Cardinal Resources Ghana Limited, Feng Boali to donate hospital beds and accessories to the Nangodi hospital as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility.

Mr. Wooma stated that Cardinal Namdini Mining Limited recognizes the vital role communities play in its operations, and therefore, “we are dedicated to fostering mutually beneficial relationships and contributing to the well-being of the communities we operate in.”

While acknowledging the role the Nabdam district assembly and the paramount chief of Nangodi played during the prospecting period, Mr. Wooma pledged his outfit’s commitment to transparency and open communication with the communities.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1Mhz|Joshua Asaah|Nangodi|Ghana

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