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Don’t engage in ‘political bigotry’ – Dindiok Kpemka

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The former Member of Parliament for the Tempane Constituency in the Upper East Region, Joseph Dindiok Kpemka, has expressed great worry that despite the coming of age of politics, the majority of people in the region still immerse themselves in party bigotries.

The attitude, the former Deputy Attorney General said, is underpinning the region’s development and will get worse if change fails among the youth.

“In like manner, I don’t think we should get ourselves immersed with party bigotries. And you will often hear agenda 15-15, which means 15 members of parliament from one political party – good for you if your party wins but if your party doesn’t, it means that development will stagnate. So I think as a region, we need to grow and go beyond such thinking,” he said.

“My appeal is that electorates should vote for or assess candidates who they think have the potential to bring development for the greater good of the constituency they are representing. If you look elsewhere, regions or constituencies are developing because electorates there don’t rely on party bigotries. We need to change like them too.”

The former Deputy Attorney General was speaking on A1 Radio regarding the need for growth and change in the kind of partisan politics people portray in the region.

According to him, politics is about development, and if they fail to understand that then the region will continue to fall behind.

He called on the youth to rethink and seek development for the region ahead of the December 7th elections.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Moses Apiah|Ghana

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