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Alikoto returns to Upper East Region: Organisers promise 10x better experience

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The highly anticipated Alikoto Festival is set to make a grand comeback this year with its 5th edition, promising an even bigger and better experience for all attendees.

Alikoto is an indigenous Ghanaian childhood game that was commonplace in the early 2000s. The name of the game was adapted as a festival by a group of young people in the Upper East Region. Alikoto is a festival that aims to bring together the community and offer a platform for youth development.

After taking a break last year to reevaluate and restructure the festival, the organizers have listened to feedback from loyal patrons, partners, and stakeholders to curate a whole new experience.

This edition is promised to be ten times better than before, with a renewed focus on creating impactful experiences for the community during the Christmas festive season, according to organisers who spoke to A1 Radio’s Portia Dogbe.

“Last year we decided to take a break to evaluate our festival’s impact and to restructure it in such a way that we can be more impactful, especially considering all the lessons we have learnt from our past events and the vision we have for the festival. We took time to collect feedback from our loyal patrons, partners, and stakeholders so that we can curate a whole new experience that will be 10 times better than our last festival,” said the Founder and Creative Director of Alikoto Festival, Arc. Reuben Daliwe Agyegelone.

Exciting activities are in store for this year’s festival, including a spectacular fashion show featuring young, creative designers and models from the Upper East Region. The event will also showcase a top-notch musical concert featuring the finest talents in the region, as well as a talent hunt competition for upcoming stars.

“I would not like to spill all the beans just yet but to share with you just a few things you should be anticipating for this year’s festival; we will have a spectacular fashion show which will feature a host of very creative young fashion designers and models from the Upper East Region. We will have a top-notch musical concert with only the finest music creatives in the Upper East Region. We will also have a super entertaining talent hunt competition for upcoming talents. As for the rest we will share them on our social media platforms as the weeks go by,” Arc. Reuben emphasized.

The growth of Alikoto Festival since its inception in 2018 is undeniable, with attendance and vendor participation quadrupling over the years. The festival has become a platform for promoting small businesses, creatives, and providing unique entertainment experiences for the community.

While the organizers are still in talks with potential partners and collaborators, they are committed to delivering a unique and impactful festival experience. The festival aims to collaborate with outfits to elevate the overall experience for attendees and maintain its high standards. “For this year we have not had any new partnerships or collaborations yet. We are still in talks with our partners from our previous years and it’s proven positive so far. We are hoping to get big brands and organizations whose objectives align with ours on board. And we are open to exploring any opportunities that may be available with regards to the demographics of our patrons.”

Not just a fun event, Alikoto Festival is dedicated to making a positive impact on all attendees, striving to provide a standard of excellence that can be compared to major events in big cities.

As the only festival in Northern Ghana for young people that celebrates art, innovation, and creativity, “Of course!! Alikoto festival unlike other events is not just a “come and have fun and go home” event, we work very hard to make sure our events have a positive impact on all our attendees no matter who they are. Also, our festival is curated to a standard that can be compared to other major events in the big cities and we do not compromise on our standards. Alikoto festival is the only festival in Northern Ghana for young people that celebrates art, innovation and creativity.”

The return of Alikoto Festival is highly anticipated and promises to be a highlight of the Christmas season.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Portia Dogbe|Ghana

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