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MP for Nabdam warns NPP PC against “macho” style politics

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The Member of Parliament for Nabdam Constituency in the Upper East Region, Dr. Mark-Kurt Nawaane, has issued a stern warning to his opponent, Charles Taleog Ndanbon, the Parliamentary Candidate for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), to abandon his “Macho-man” style of politics for the upcoming 2024 elections.

According to the legislator, he knows his opponent very well, and he (the opponent) likes using “macho-man” tactics to get his way in the political arena.

“I know Charles very well, since from his Assembly member position to now. He is a good guy, but he likes using the macho-man style of politics. When I say macho man style, I hope you know what I mean. He believes in using macho men to threaten people here and there. But that will not work for him in the 2024 elections. I’m telling him it will simply not work for him in the 2024 elections,” said Dr. Nawaane.

Speaking on A1 Radio, Dr. Nawaane urged his opponent to reconsider his approach and embrace clean and issue-based campaigning for the betterment of Nabdam.

“I will advise him to desist from it if he is only thinking of using such an approach in the upcoming elections. If so, it will not serve the people of Nabdam well,” he emphasized.

The legislator therefore stressed that the people of Nabdam deserve a campaign focused on addressing the pressing issues facing the constituency rather than engaging in divisive and aggressive strategies.

Source: A1Radioonline.com101.1Mhz|Moses Apiah|Ghana

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