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Meet Bra Khalala, Upper East Region’s finest mid-morning show host

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Joseph Yaro, known to his listeners as “Bra Khalala,” has had an unconventional journey to becoming a beloved entertainment radio presenter. Growing up, he had various career aspirations, including being a pilot, a renowned Ghanaian chef, and a celebrated male beautician.

However, it was after high school that the idea of pursuing a career in radio began to look attractive to him.

Despite initial skepticism from his father, Bra Khalala pursued his passion for radio, completing a short course in basic broadcasting and specializing in entertainment. He credits his inspiration and drive to pursue his career to listening to Fiifi Banson, formerly of Peace FM.

Since taking the plunge into radio in September 2011, he has found success, despite a few breaks, and is currently with his fifth radio station, A1 Radio.

“My dad wasn’t in sync with me doing radio, but then I had to be that stubborn child to pursue a new passion, so I looked out to do a short course in basic broadcasting, specializing in entertainment. Interestingly,  during this course, the passion and continued listening to Fiifi Banson, formerly of Peace FM, became stronger. Then I had to put in all seriousness, hard work, and determination, and then here we are. I’m doing radio and loving it,” he said.

One particularly memorable moment for Bra Khalala was when his father visited him at the radio station during his show in February 2012. Initially, his father had trouble identifying him using his biological name, but upon mentioning “Bra Khalala,” his father recognized his work and was supportive thereafter.

“I haven’t had lots of interviews, I’d say, that are memorable on my shows, but I’ve had lots of memorable moments on the radio. One I’ve always kept in mind and that gives me those smiles and happiness was in February 2012, when my dad paid me a visit at the radio station, and that station was my first radio station.”

“So my dad came and asked of me using my biological name “Joseph Yaro” and was told there’s no presenter with such a name; he insisted, so the receptionist had to mention names of presenters and workers till she got to ‘Bra Khalala’ then he said, “Yeah, Khalala, he’s the one I’m looking for.” The receptionist came to call me to meet him. Fast forward, I took him into the main studio to wait because I was on air when he came. He sat at a corner, and would you believe I forgot he was sitting by while I was very busy talking and entertaining listeners, opening phone lines for callers…like that nervousness was there…so it was after I closed and was about getting out of the studio that I saw him…he smiled and realized I really love what I was doing,” he recalled.

Bra Khalala attributes his ability to stay current with trends to the internet and social media platforms.

He encourages aspiring radio presenters to remain patient, humble, and service-oriented.

“They shouldn’t relent! Radio doesn’t pay that much, but it comes with endless opportunities, and it also takes patience, humbleness, humility, and servitude to reach higher heights in radio,” he said.

He currently hosts the mid-morning show, Work And Happiness aiming to provide listeners with a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere as they go about their day.

“I do the mid morning show which is more of giving workers that relaxed mind as they go about their duties and work respectfully with soothing relatable music perfect for that time of the morning and also topping it up with a Lifestyle segment which delves into everyday lifestyle and happenings around us, which could be relationship, tips on how to go about some aspects of life, music and culture, with pep talks, motivations and some birthday wishes as well.”

When asked about his motivation, Bra Khalala expresses a desire to see people living happy and fulfilled lives.

“Life and seeing happy faces! I always want to see people living life and staying happy in all that they do always.” Despite the challenges of the radio industry, he has no regrets and continues to embrace his journey with positivity and determination. “Interestingly I have no regrets! Regrets make me fond, so I don’t keep them.”

Bra Khalala’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of following one’s passions, finding support in unexpected places, and embracing opportunities for growth in pursuing a career in entertainment radio.

Source: A1Radioonline.com101.1Mhz|Portia Dogbe|Ghana

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  1. It’s very relaxing while listening to Bra Khalala. I’ve known that dude for over 2 decades. I pray he pushes harder and makes himself and A1 radio proud


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