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B.W.T: The Dance crew dancing their way into the hearts of residents in Upper East Region

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In the heart of the bustling city of Bolgatanga, lies a vibrant young dance crew named B.W.T.

B.W.T., the group says, stands for Born With Talent. They are setting stages on fire with their incredible moves and infectious energy. Led by Alah Geng and assisted by Afrostormzy, this dynamic group of dancers has a story that is as inspirational as their performances.

The story of B.W.T. began in 2019. During their senior high school days, Alah Geng and Afrostormzy first discovered their shared love for dancing. What started as a simple enjoyment of dance evolved into something bigger as they began showcasing their talents through dance videos and live performances.

As their passion for dance grew, so did their following, leading them to the attention of DJ Conscious and the event manager, Abdallah Sandow of Jocom Golden Hotel.

“Fast forward, Mr. Abdallah Sandow started billing us for shows, then told us to form a dance academy since now people love to dance. With his guidance and assistance, we designed membership forms, started recruiting and rehearsing at the JC Night Club, and later moved to their beautiful poolside pub. B.W.T. is currently under his management,” leaders of the group told A1 Radio’s Portia Dogbe.

Under Mr. Sandow’s mentorship and guidance, the crew expanded and transformed into a dance academy, attracting new members and honing their craft at venues like the JC Night Club and the picturesque Poolside Pub.

B.W.T. prides itself on versatility, exploring various dance genres from afrobeat to hip-hop and blending East and Southern African moves into their routines. With a belief in individual creativity, every member is encouraged to contribute ideas, resulting in uniquely captivating performances. “At B.W.T we believe in everybody’s unique style and creativity. Though we have lead instructors, every member is allowed to contribute ideas that are blended to form beautiful dance moves.”

Despite the challenges of balancing work and schooling, the members of B.W.T. remain committed to their passion, dedicating weekends to intense rehearsals and continuous improvement. Their dedication has already been validated through memorable performances at Jocom and sharing the stage with renowned artists like Dr. Pushkin.

“The first time we performed on the Jocom stage, and performing with Dr. Pushkin on the North to South Concert at JOCOM. These two memorable instances have really helped in shaping our journey so far.”

Looking ahead, the dream for B.W.T. is to become a premier dance academy, performing on prestigious platforms, featuring in music videos, and competing in dance competitions. Beyond entertainment, they aspire to use dance as a catalyst for positive change, with plans for social projects that aim to inspire their community.

With a talented lineup of 13 dedicated dancers, including Alah Geng, Afrostormzy, Afrozuki, Afrotarget, Stylish Spy, Kurt K, Aj Drills, Dan Zigi, Maconzy, Ayisha, Afro Shatta, Mabel, and Lizzy, B.W.T. is not just a dance crew but a symbol of passion, creativity, and unity. As they continue to push boundaries and spread joy through their art, the future looks bright for these rising stars in the dance world.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Portia Dogbe|Ghana

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