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Upper East Region’s Joel Atinga fired up to make barbecue history with 90-hour cookfest

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A native of the Tindonsobligo community in the Upper East Region of Ghana, Joel Atinga Nsobila, has received official approval from Guinness World Records to embark on a remarkable journey – the longest barbecue marathon. A marathon he has dubbed, “KHEBA-A-THON.”

This ambitious endeavor aims to shatter the current record of 80 hours, with Mr. Nsobila setting his sights on an extraordinary 90-hour feat.

Speaking on A1 Radio, the 25-year-old graduate expressed his profound passion for grilling as the driving force behind this daring attempt.

Mr. Nsobila, who has honed his barbecue skills over the years, sees this record-breaking endeavor not only as a personal challenge but also as a tribute to his love for the culinary art of grilling.

Although the exact venue for this epic event is yet to be confirmed, Mr. Nsobila has marked April 11th, 2024, as the starting date for the “KHEBA-A-THON.”

In preparation for this marathon, he revealed that an array of proteins, including beef, goat, chicken, Guinea fowl, and more, will be sizzling on the grill.

In a generous gesture, he announced that the grilled proteins would be distributed free of charge to those in attendance. This act of generosity aims to not only make the event memorable but also foster a sense of community and shared joy among the people present.

Acknowledging the enormity of the challenge, Mr. Nsobila called upon the public for massive support. He emphasized the need for emotional, physical, and financial backing from well-wishers, noting that his endeavor is not just a personal achievement but a representation of national pride.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1Mhz|Moses Apiah|Ghana

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