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Peasant Farmers’ Association of Ghana’s Akuafo Nketewa to launch credit union for farmers

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Akuafo Nketewa, a subsidiary of the Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana has unveiled plans to establish a credit union aimed at addressing the financial challenges encountered by its members. According to the association, the initiative will provide the much-needed financial support to its members across the country.

Financial constraints have long been a significant hurdle for peasant farmers in Ghana, impeding their ability to invest in their farms, access essential resources, and cope with unforeseen expenses.

Recognizing the pressing need to alleviate this burden, Dr. Charles Nyaaba, CEO of Akuafo Nketewa said the organisation has taken proactive steps to establish a dedicated financial institution tailored to meet the financial needs of its members.

Dr. Charles Nyaaba, the Chief Executive Officer of Akuafo-Nketewa, shed light on the imminent launch of the credit union during an interview on A1 Radio.

He emphasized that the decision underscores their commitment to fostering economic resilience and empowerment within rural communities.

“We seek to bolster the financial well-being of our members and enhance their capacity to invest in agricultural inputs, technology, and other critical resources essential for sustainable farming practices. Sometimes, getting access to these things is always hard, so if we have our own credit union, it will be good for us.”

Dr. Nyaaba further stressed the financial strength of the association, indicating that they are well-positioned to embark on this ambitious venture.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Moses Apiah|Ghana

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