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CEO for Norgence pushes for gov’t action to prevent recurrence of disruption in data services

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The Chief Executive Officer of Norgene IT Solutions based in the Upper East Region, Albert Naa, has called on stakeholders, particularly the government, to prioritize and explore alternative solutions to enhance the country’s internet accessibility.

Speaking exclusively on A1 Radio, Mr. Naa emphasized the critical need for proactive measures to address Ghana’s lagging investment in internet infrastructure compared to other nations.

The recent spate of internet outages has underscored the vulnerability of Ghana’s digital connectivity and raised concerns about its impact on various sectors, including business, education, and healthcare.

The CEO pointed out that while neighboring countries have made substantial investments in bolstering their internet infrastructure, Ghana has fallen short in this regard, exacerbating the repercussions of disruptions on its citizens and the economy.

Mr. Naa highlighted the importance of reliable internet connectivity in driving economic growth, fostering innovation, and bridging the digital divide. He emphasized that in today’s interconnected world, access to the internet is no longer a luxury but a fundamental necessity, essential for accessing information, conducting business operations, and facilitating communication.

Drawing attention to the disparities in internet accessibility within Ghana, Mr. Naa emphasized that rural and underserved communities often bear the brunt of inadequate infrastructure, hindering their socio-economic development and limiting their participation in the digital economy.

He urged policymakers to adopt a comprehensive approach that addresses these disparities and ensures equitable access to high-speed internet across the country.

The CEO also stressed the need for diversification in internet connectivity options to mitigate the impact of potential disruptions. He proposed exploring alternative technologies such as satellite internet and mesh networks to complement existing infrastructure and enhance resilience against outages caused by factors like cable damage or technical issues.

He therefore suggested establishing public-private partnerships (PPPs) to leverage resources and expertise effectively, thereby accelerating the deployment of robust internet networks nationwide.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Moses Apiah|Ghana

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