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Young people urged to avoid using loans for weddings or funerals

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An opinion leader from the Upper East Region but currently based in the USA, Gabriel Agambila, has cautioned youth against taking loans for weddings or funerals.

According to him, such practices not only saddle individuals with debt but also stifle their prospects for future financial growth.

Speaking to our reporter, Mr. Agambila underscores a broader societal issue, where extravagant spending on ceremonial occasions often leads to long-term financial burdens.

He stressed the importance of prudence, urging young people to prioritize financial stability over a fleeting display of opulence.

“While there may be circumstances warranting the need for a loan, it should never be squandered on extravagant wedding celebrations,” Agambila asserted. “Instead, if financial assistance is necessary, it should be directed towards ventures that foster long-term economic empowerment, such as starting a business.”

Agambila argues that weddings need not be lavish affairs to signify the beginning of a fruitful union. He highlights the essence of simplicity, advocating for a focus on essential aspects like paying the bride price and celebrating the union modestly with close friends and family members.

“The most crucial aspect of a wedding is to formalize the union and express gratitude to the Almighty,” Agambila remarked. “Extravagant displays serve no purpose in laying a solid foundation for marital life.”

Mr. Agambila’s message resonates with a growing awareness of the need for financial literacy and responsible spending habits among the youth population. He therefore advocated that fiscal responsibility in ceremonial expenditures offers valuable insight into navigating the complex terrain of personal finance.

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