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NPP not intimidated by activities of Save Ghana in Chiana-Paga – Robert Aloo

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The New Patriotic Party (NPP), led by the parliamentary candidate (PC) for the Chiana-Paga constituency in the Upper East Region, Robert Aloo, has said it cannot be intimidated by the activities of a youth group called Save Ghana.

When Mr. Aloo spoke on A1 Radio’s Day Break Upper East Show, he fingered the NDC PC, Nikyema Billa Alamzy, as the force behind the ‘violent group’. Despite describing the activities of the group as violent and not in the best interest of the constituency, Mr. Aloo stated that he, along with his party, is not intimidated by the group.

“Myself, my chairman, Mohammed Kareem Adam, the District Chief Executive, Gerard Ataogye, and all the members of the NPP are not, not even by a single bit, intimidated by the actions of anyone, but we are peace-loving people.”

Mr. Aloo stressed that he is committed to maintaining peace in the area before, during, and after the parliamentary election.

“If you seek to lead the people, you don’t create problems within the very people you want to lead. Development thrives in peace, which is why we are preaching peace and togetherness irrespective of political affiliations. When I become an MP, I want to work with everybody. I don’t want to work for only NPP people because when one becomes an MP, you are for the entire constituency. I want to have a cordial relationship with people across the political divide.”

It would be recalled that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Chiana-Paga constituency of the Upper East region called on law enforcement authorities to take immediate action against what they described as the aggressive behavior of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary candidate, Nikyema Billa Alamzy. According to the NPP, Alamzy has a proven record of both physical and verbal assaults on individuals within the constituency.

“Instances of Mr. Alamzy’s violent behavior are numerous. During the party primaries in 2019, he and his hooligans attacked the then Member of Parliament and fellow contestant, Hon. Rudolf Nsorwini Amenga-Etego, on Thursday, August 22, 2019,” Kwalase Bayeriwe Thomas, the Chiana-Paga NPP Constituency Secretary, stated.

Mr. Kwalase, who addressed the press at the party’s office on Sunday, added that Mr. Alamzy and his “hooligans” attacked their own party’s constituency chairman, James Kojo Kopamamo, in July 2022 for not supporting him in previous parliamentary primaries.

Aside from masterminding the attacks on NPP agents at the Electoral Commission district office on October 5, 2023, where Mr. Alamzy personally assaulted an NPP agent, Nicholas Dedo, they say the recent attack orchestrated by the NDC PC, who is a bodybuilder, and his cohorts occurred during the 67th independence celebrations in Paga town park.

“After the school children had finished marching, the NPP followed, and we [NDC] joined. After they had finished, we saw them coming back towards us. Our constituency chairman asked us to move back, but they ran amok and started beating us. It was not provoked by any NPP member, but it was planned because they have a hooligan as a parliamentary candidate,” Mr. Kwalase stated.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Bolgatanga|

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