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Bolga East MP disagrees with assertions that Upper East MPs haven’t done enough to develop Region

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The Member of Parliament for the Bolgatanga East constituency, Dr. Dominic Ayine, has dismissed claims by some sections of the people from the region that politicians, particularly Members of Parliament from the region, are doing little to develop the region.

Speaking to Mark Smith on the Daybreak Upper East show, Dr. Ayine says all the MPs from the region are doing their bit to develop the region.

He said, “If the Members of Parliament in the Upper East are working effectively in their various constituencies, collectively they are satisfying the Upper East, because the sum of the fifteen constituencies is the region that is called Upper East. From my experience so far, we were in government for eight years, and we left government; we’ve been in opposition. A lot of the MPs currently are in opposition. People think that even when you are in opposition, you can come together and force the government to bring a project to your region. That is not the case.”

“If Nana Addo doesn’t want the project to come to our region, we can’t force him to bring projects to our region. We can lobby, and we do lobby.”

The MP for Bolgatanga East continued to say, “For instance, my brother, the Honorable MP for Bolgatanga Central, has spoken several times about this Pwalugu multipurpose dam. What else do you want him to do? He can’t force the government to come back to that project. So, sometimes, people have exaggerated expectations about MPs, and they say we are not doing much. Look at the Upper West MPs and so on. Go to the Upper West and take note of the level of development since the NDC left office. It was when the NDC was in office that there was a lot of development coming to the Upper West, but as of now, go to the Upper West and evaluate the development since the NDC left office and tell me how many mega projects have come there.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Ayine, is confident his constituents will keep faith with him at the December 7 parliamentary election.

According to Dr. Ayine, his track record and contributions towards development will secure victory for him.

“Every time I visit the constituency, people reassure me not to worry because they appreciate the transformative impact of the infrastructural projects I’ve spearheaded,” he stated. “Both the old and young in the constituency acknowledge the significant contributions I’ve made towards its growth.”

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1Mhz|Moses Apiah|Bolgatanga|Ghana

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