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Bolga East: Dr. Ayine hands over 10 new boreholes to 10 communities

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The Member of Parliament for the Bolgatanga East constituency, Dominic Akuritinga Ayine, has once again constructed a total of ten new hand pump boreholes for ten communities in the constituency, in a bid to address any form of drinking water problems in the area.

The beneficiary communities include Dubila, Zuarungu Kunkua, Dulugu Kuka, Kumbosco, Yarigabisi, Gambibgo, Zuarungu Gono, Zuarungu Library area, Abaabisi, and Dachio respectively. Speaking to the media at Yarigabisi after handing over one of the boreholes to the people, Dr. Ayine said the ten boreholes constructed are his own initiative with support from his friends, with each borehole costing them GHC 25,000.00.

According to the Bolgatanga East lawmaker, access to potable drinking water is a fundamental human right, hence he deems it necessary to ensure communities in need have access to it.

“This afternoon, we just handed over a borehole costing about GHC 25,000 to the people of Yarigabisi in the Bolgatanga East constituency. This time, I have provided 10 boreholes in total, with one borehole costing GHC 250,000. This is my own initiative, undertaken with the help of business friends of mine who want to remain anonymous, so we are handing them over to each community.”

“Water is a very important basic commodity, and it is even our fundamental human right that people have clean, potable water, not only under the Constitution of the Republic of Ghana but also under many international conventions Ghana has signed. So, I deem it very important, and I want to thank all my friends who have contributed one way or another to the provision of these ten boreholes to the people of Bolgatanga East,” he said.


The three-term lawmaker, now seeking to go back to parliament for the fourth term, said since 2012, he has been able to construct a total of 83 boreholes across the constituency. But when asked whether the New Patriotic Party’s parliamentary candidate in the Bolgatanga East constituency, Mathew Silas Amoah, is in any way putting pressure on him to embark on some of the things he is doing, the former deputy attorney general said there is no pressure on him. Dr. Ayine stated that he started developing the constituency since 2013 and shall continue without any pressure from anyone and can never be pressured by anyone.

“You know, it’s so unfortunate, right? Let’s take, for example, the boreholes; as of the time he announced his candidature, I had already provided 70 or more boreholes in this constituency. When I started drilling boreholes, Mathew Amoah had not even conceived of becoming a parliamentary candidate in this constituency.”

“When I started development projects here from day one in 2013, with the initiative to construct the Zuarungu market, Mathew Amoah was nowhere to be found. When I initiated the construction of the Gambibigo E-block, Mathew Amoah was nowhere to be found. When I secured a contract for the supply of electricity to 23 communities, which were the only communities without electricity in the constituency, Mathew Amoah was nowhere to be found,” he went on and on.

Source: A1Radioonline.Com|101.1MHZ|David Azure|Bolgatanga East|

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  1. That’s is not enough do more before 7th-december if not u will be voted out from ur position


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