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Youth having unprotected sex in exchange for material goods, fueling HIV/AIDS spread – GHANET

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The National Public Relations Officer for the Ghana HIV and AIDS Network (GHANET), Mr. Patrick Namoo, has drawn attention to a concerning pattern emerging among the youth and the increasing spread of HIV/AIDS.

According to him, young individuals are engaging in unprotected intercourse in exchange for material goods such as iPhones, motorbikes, and even fried rice.

“The sad part is that the young girls are getting the virus more than you can think of. They don’t even know how to abstain. Most of them, according to our survey, prefer to do it ‘raw’ with people with money, and they intend to buy material goods like iPhones, motorbikes, and even fried rice. Very sad, I should say.”

This alarming behavior, he said, is significantly contributing to the surge in HIV/AIDS cases among the youth population.

Mr. Namoo, speaking to A1 Radio, expressed deep concerns over the prevalence of the virus among the youth, particularly those in business centers and mining areas.

He emphasized the urgent need for government intervention to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS in these vulnerable communities.

“Wherever there is a youth gathering, like the business centers, mining areas, and the towns, you would realize that the virus is spreading fast there among the young people,” Mr. Namoo highlighted.

GHANET, a civil society organization dedicated to fighting HIV/AIDS in Ghana, has sounded the alarm for stronger governmental support to address this ongoing public health crisis. The organization stresses the urgent need for comprehensive interventions targeting the root causes of these risky behaviors among the youth.

With HIV/AIDS cases on the rise, the PRO, therefore, called on the government to immediately take action that would educate and empower the youth to make safer choices.

Source: A1Radioonline.Com|101.1MHz|Moses Apiah|Bolgatanga|

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