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James Kumbeni enters final part of 815km bicycle ride from Bolga to Accra tomorrow

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James Kumbeni, a cyclist and a native of Baare, a community in the Talensi District of the Upper East Region, is expected to climax his 815-kilometer bicycle ride from Bolgatanga to Accra tomorrow, Friday, April 12, 2024.

Mr. Kumbeni has currently completed over 752 kilometers of the ride. This figure represents 92.2 percent of the entire ride.

He would be ushered into town by bikers, cyclists, and some security personnel. Mr. Kumbeni’s first stop would be the Legon City Mall, where Joel Nsobila Atinga is attempting the longest barbecue marathon.

Mr. Kumbeni’s ride is also to campaign for cyclists’ safety and the protections of the statement.

Read full statement below:


Bolgatanga Resident to Cycle 815 km to Accra to Raise Awareness for Green Transportation and Cyclist Safety

Bolgatanga, Upper East Region, Ghana (April 1, 2024) – James Kumbeni, a resident of Bolgatanga, is embarking on an ambitious 815-kilometer cycling journey from the Upper East Regional capital to Accra.

Mr. Kumbeni’s “Ride for Clean Air and Safe Cycling” will begin on April 8, 2024, in Bolgatanga. The entire trip is estimated to last for four days.


Reducing Carbon Emissions and Air Pollution

*   Raise awareness about the negative health and environmental impacts of vehicle emissions, including respiratory illnesses and climate change

*   Encourage the use of emission-free transportation like cycling, walking, and public transit to reduce the nation’s carbon footprint

*   Call on the government and businesses to invest in infrastructure that promotes sustainable mobility options

Promoting Cycling as a Green Transportation Alternative

*   Highlight the numerous benefits of cycling – zero emissions, improved health and fitness, cost savings, reduced traffic congestion

*   Advocate for policies and initiatives that make cycling more accessible and convenient (bike share programs, end-of-trip facilities, integration with public transit)

*   Encourage Ghanaians of all ages to take up cycling for commuting, recreation, and running errands

Improving Cyclist Safety and Road Infrastructure

*   Underscore the vulnerability of cyclists sharing roads with vehicles and the need for dedicated cycling facilities

*   Campaign for the construction of protected bike lanes, cycle tracks, and intersections redesigned for cyclist safety

*   Call for stronger enforcement of traffic laws, lower speed limits in urban areas, and cyclist awareness education for motorists

*   Promote the use of helmets and proper cycling equipment/safety gear

Building Cyclist-Friendly Communities

*   Engage local leaders on developing cyclist-friendly policies, urban planning, and infrastructure

*   Advocate for secure bike parking, workplace showers, and other end-of-trip facilities

*   Encourage schools and universities to promote cycling for students and staff

*   Support local cycling groups and clubs to build a cycling culture and community

Support for Joel Nsobila

*   Mr. Kumbeni will also visit the Legon City Mall to support Joel Atingo Nsobila. Mr. Nsobila is attempting the longest barbecue marathon. He is also a resident of the Upper East Region.

To make the “Ride for Clean Air and Safe Cycling” a success, Mr. Kumbeni is seeking support from well-meaning organizations. Please reach out to Trip Coordinator – Ibrahim Sadick on 0207687214.

Members of the press and public are invited to follow Kumbeni’s journey on social media using the hashtags: #CyclingForCleanAir #AlternativeTransport #SafeRoadsForCyclists #JamesRides815kms #BolgaAccraByBike

For more information or to arrange interviews, please contact: Mark Smith [Media Liaison] – 0245430011

About James Kumben – James Kumbeni is from Baare in the Talensi District but lives and works in Bolgatanga as a teacher at Desert Pastures International School. He is also a master’s student at C.K. Tedem University in Navrongo, studying M.Phil. Computer Science.

He has been cycling since 2021 as a form of exercise, hobby, for fun, and pleasure. He has ridden to different places and long distances.

He later formed a cycling group called Keekee Cycling Konnect.

Motto: Konnecting the world through bicycles.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1Mhz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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