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Apuuri Golden Age Foundation launched in Fumbisi: a beacon of hope for aged

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Retired Regional Director for the Center For National Culture, Helen Akanbong, has officially launched The Apuuri Golden Age Foundation in Fumbisi. The foundation’s primary focus is to address the various challenges faced by the elderly population not only in Builsa land but also beyond its borders.

During her address at the launch, the founder emphasized the foundation’s commitment to addressing the myriad challenges confronting the elderly populace in Builsa land and beyond.

The vision of the Apuuri Golden Age Foundation, she said is, aspiring towards a tranquil society where elderly individuals in Buluk are entitled to an active, dignified, and healthy lifestyle.

“In a society where over 90% of the elderly are compelled to work for survival, access to adequate medical care remains a distant reality. Eighty-nine percent endure chronic ailments such as hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, and heart conditions. Socially, they often face marginalization and endure loneliness,” she remarked.

Reflecting on the genesis of the initiative, Madam Helen underscored its longstanding presence as a personal passion. “This initiative has been a passion of mine for many years. However, as a public servant, its implementation posed challenges. Now, having completed my tenure in public service, I am redirecting my focus towards community service, contributing to the betterment of our society. This endeavor has been a collaborative effort involving many individuals, most of whom are still in their youthful stage, and their contributions will become evident as we progress.”

The Apuuri Golden Age Foundation aims to create meaningful change in the lives of the elderly, promoting inclusivity, dignity, and support for those who have contributed to society throughout their lives. 

Madam Helen utilized the occasion to call upon the general public for support in providing a more comfortable life for the elderly in our community. 

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1Mhz|Gerard Asagi|Ghana

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