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Dr. Krugu Describes unity as ‘magic bullet’ for victory in Zebila constituency

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The Parliamentary Candidate for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Zebila Constituency of the Upper East Region, Dr. John Kingsley Krugu, has urged party supporters, patrons, and executives to unite for the success of the party in the upcoming elections.

Describing the importance of unity as a “magic bullet” for victory in the constituency, Dr. Krugu urged individuals to set aside personal differences and prioritize the collective efforts of the party and the constituency.

He said, “We need to bury our personal differences and stand together for the party and Zebila as a whole. Let us not see it as a personal matter, but rather as the collective efforts of all of us and the party. The party has invested a lot in this constituency; all we need to do is recognize the positive impact it has had on people’s lives and families.”

Addressing attendees during the inauguration of his campaign coordinating team in Zebila, Dr. Krugu stressed the need to focus on the larger goal of advancing the party’s agenda and serving the interests of the Zebila community as a whole.

He emphasized the significant investments made by the party in the constituency, which have positively impacted the lives of people and families.

Dr. Krugu stressed the importance of highlighting these achievements and rallying behind the party’s vision for progress and development.

The inauguration ceremony witnessed the induction of 118 members into Dr. Krugu’s campaign team, including polling executives and electoral area coordinators. This diverse and dedicated team is poised to spearhead grassroots mobilization efforts and drive the party’s agenda forward in the constituency.

The event also saw the participation of the Upper East Regional Chairman for the NPP, who delivered a passionate message urging supporters not to take victory for granted.

Lawyer Anthony Namoo underlined the need for diligence and hard work to secure success in the Zebila constituency and improve the party’s electoral fortunes.

Reiterating Dr. Krugu’s sentiments, Lawyer Namoo emphasized the critical importance of unity among party members, particularly among party executives in the area.

Recognizing that a cohesive and collaborative approach is essential for achieving electoral success, Lawyer Namoo encouraged all members to set aside differences and work towards common goals.

Source: A1Radioonline.Com|101.1MHZ|Moses Apiah|Zebila|

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