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Bible Society of Ghana graduates 625 Gurene literacy learners in Upper East Region

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The Bible Society of Ghana has graduated 625 literacy learners in the Upper East region as part of its Gurene Literacy Project. This initiative aims to promote literacy among the Gurene-speaking community, providing them with the skills to read and write in their mother tongue.

The fourth graduation ceremony held in Bolgatanga marked a significant milestone in the project’s success. The learners, who have completed the literacy program, were awarded certificates. The Bible Society of Ghana’s commitment to promoting literacy and making the Bible accessible to all is evident in this achievement.

The Gurene Literacy Project is one of the many initiatives undertaken by the Bible Society of Ghana to promote literacy and Bible engagement in the country. While speaking to the media on behalf of the project Coordinator, Gawobunah Kobla Julius Anthony, Abeo Paulina, the Gurene Literacy Project Officer, highlighted the impact of the training on the learners and stated their commitment to expanding the project.

“This is the fourth batch we have graduated today in the Upper East region. Previously, we were operating in Bolgatanga municipal, Bolga – East district, and currently, we are now in the Talensi district. The literacy program has gone a long way to help in our dyeing mother language both in school and churches. When we started, the majority of the learners were unable to read and write in their mother language, but because of this program by the Bible Society of Ghana, they can now read and write in their mother tongue. Some are now lectors in their various churches,” she said.

Started in 2019 with support from the Sweden Mission Council, the project is running in the Esahie Language in the Western North region and the Gurene Language in the Upper East region and has since graduated a total of 6,669 learners from the two project areas in Ghana. On behalf of the Upper East regional Director of Education, Ephraim Agolmah expresses gratitude to the Bible Society of Ghana for implementing the project in the region. Mr. Agolmah also highlights similar initiatives the GES is about to roll out which go a long way to benefit people of interest.

Meanwhile, the learners, after receiving their certificates, express some level of excitement and joy.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHz|David Azure|Bolgatanga

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