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Skilled female tradesworkers worried about constant discouragement from public

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Skilled tradeswomen in the Upper East Region have expressed worry over the constant discouragement they receive from the public.

A mason, Joyce Nyaaba, speaking on A1 Radio’s Equal Voice Program explained that as a mason, she constantly has to deal with the public, prospective clients undermining her capabilities and denying her opportunities she deserves.

She recounted an experience in Navrongo where she had to fight back tears, carry out her duties as a mason, even when the client constantly doubted her abilities.

“My boss asked me to go to Navrongo and do a job for one lady. When I got there, the woman asked me, ‘What can you do?’ I responded by asking her to tell me what she asked my boss to ask me to come do. There were some men there who said they would give me my transport fare, so I could return to Bolga.”

Despite the initial resistance, Ms. Nyaaba insisted that she could do the job. Eventually, the client and those around relented and allowed her to finish the job. She recalled how impressed they were about the job she had done.

Ms. Nyaaba reminded clients that their discouragement is hurtful and prevents other females from pursuing careers in male-dominated fields.

“With the first discouragement, I almost stepped back. These words hurt a lot. They would make you feel like you are a loser.”

Ms. Nyaaba explained that there are times when she understands that people have ill thoughts around women in male-dominated fields because of society’s understanding of gender roles.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1Mhz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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