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World Vision supports pregnant women in Garu, Bawku West with micronutrient supplements

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World Vision has provided life-saving support to pregnant women with anemia conditions in the Bawku West and Garu districts with multiple micronutrient supplements, a scarce commodity in the health sector in the Upper East Region. The initiative brought health relief to nearly 47% of pregnant women at 36 weeks of gestation in Bawku West who were affected by anemia in the first quarter of 2024, according to the district health director in the area.

The support, according to Isaiah Chentiwuni Jonah, the Acting Cluster Manager of World Vision for Bawku West District, came through their “Healthy Environment and Wellness Project,” and they have donated hand washing facilities, liquid soap, dustbins, and multiple micronutrient supplements valued at $2,500 to 10 selected schools and 10 health facilities in the Tanga Timonde and Gbantonga Area Councils of Bawku West.

A similar donation, he added, also worth $2,500, was made to 10 selected schools and 10 health facilities in the Warinyanga and Kpikpira Area Councils of Garu district.

The Acting Cluster Manager highlighted the critical importance of this initiative.

“The distribution of multiple micronutrient supplements for pregnant women underscores our commitment to maternal and child health. These supplements are vital in ensuring that expectant mothers receive the necessary nutrients to support their health and the development of their unborn children. Healthy mothers give birth to healthy babies, setting the foundation for a robust and thriving community,” Jonah stated.

He further stressed, “We are not just handing over hand washing facilities, liquid soap, multiple micronutrient supplements for pregnant women, and dustbins; we are investing in the future of our children and the health of our communities. These provisions are more than mere items; they are a testament to our dedication to fostering a healthier, cleaner, and more prosperous environment for all.”

He, therefore, encouraged the beneficiary schools and health facilities to utilize the resources effectively.

“To the schools and health facilities that will receive these items, let us ensure that they are committed to utilizing these resources effectively. It is through their daily efforts that we can truly realize the benefits of these provisions. Ensure the usage of the facilities and take pride in maintaining a healthy and clean environment. For the children are the future leaders of this district, and it is their responsibility to carry forward the values of hygiene, health, and sustainability.”

Representatives from the District Coordinating Directorate, Health Directorate, and Ghana Education Service for the two districts were present to witness the gesture and thank the organization for its unwavering support.

Cosmos Arwoje Minyila, the District Director of Health in Bawku West, expressed gratitude for the timely intervention.

“We thank World Vision for this presentation. As I speak to you now, these products are in short supply in the system. In the first quarter of the year alone, 47% of pregnant women at 36 weeks of gestation are anemic. Under normal circumstances, they would need a family member or relative to donate blood before delivery. These multiple micronutrient supplements will do wonders for them and the district,” he explained.

The Director also highlighted the high population rate in the district, calling for continued support for the pregnant women.

The District Director of Health for Tempane, Eugene Osei, who received the donated items on behalf of Garu, also explained how the micronutrient supplements will go a long way to assist the pregnant women in the area.

The representatives from the Ghana Education Service used the opportunity to assure the organization of effectively using the donated items for the intended purpose.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Moses Apiah|Ghana

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