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Locked-Up Investment Holders Forum suspends picketing

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The Locked-Up Investment Holders Forum has announced the suspension of their planned picketing activities at the Ministry of Finance on May 22nd and May 29th, 2024.

This decision follows a call from the Deputy Minister for Finance, who has invited the forum for a meeting to discuss their petition regarding the payment of locked-up investments.

The Locked-Up Investment Holders Forum represents individuals who have invested in Finance Houses and Savings & Loans Companies licensed by the Bank of Ghana but are currently unable to access their funds due to the insolvency of these institutions.

The forum had planned the picketing to demand that the Ministry of Finance make financial provisions for the payment of depositors’ funds, thereby enabling the Bank of Ghana to revoke the licenses of the insolvent institutions and return the funds to the depositors.

The convener of the forum, Dr. Adu A. Antwi, FCA, Esq., speaking to A1 Radio, expressed cautious optimism about the upcoming discussions with the Deputy Minister.

“We have decided to suspend our planned picketing activities to allow for dialogue with the Ministry of Finance. We hope that this meeting will be fruitful and lead to a resolution that ensures our members get their locked-up investments returned,” he said.

The forum’s petition underscores the urgency for governmental intervention in the financial sector’s current crisis. Investors have been in limbo, unable to access their funds, which has caused significant financial distress. The forum aims to pressure the Ministry to take definitive steps to address the plight of the affected investors.

As the forum prepares for the meeting with the Deputy Minister, there is a sense of cautious anticipation among its members, Dr. Adu A. Antwi further explained. They hope the dialogue will yield a positive outcome and that the government will take swift action to resolve the issues facing depositors.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Moses Apiah|Ghana

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