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Your reliance on Bawku conflict for votes won’t work- Zebila NPP Chairman warns NDC

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The Constituency Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Zebila, Patrick Ayaba, has accused the NDC of exploiting the prolonged conflict in Bawku to garner votes in the Zebila constituency, a practice he condemned as unethical and detrimental to the Constituency.

Mr. Ayaba asserted that the NDC’s reliance on the Bawku conflict to influence voters is a reflection of their lack of substantial development achievements.

“Aside from such attitudes, the NDC has no track record in terms of development that can win them votes,” he stated.

Speaking on A1 Radio, he specifically explained that aside from such “unethical” maneuvers, their Member of Parliament, Cletus Avoka, has no track record in terms of development in the area that can win them the parliamentary seat in the upcoming elections.

“The man [MP] doesn’t even provide residents with potable water or pay a visit to funerals. He sneaks in and out of the constituency as if he fears the very people who vote for him.”

According to Mr. Ayaba, Mr. Avoka’s apathy towards development stands in stark contrast to the NPP’s proactive approach.

He highlighted the efforts of the NPP in initiating and completing various development projects, especially in the areas of educational infrastructure, health, and providing tertiary students with scholarships.

These efforts, he believed, demonstrate a commitment to improving the lives of the constituents and are far superior to that of the NDC, which, in his view, has failed to deliver on its promises.

The Chairman further expressed optimism about the political turnout in Zebila, suggesting that electorates are becoming more discerning and less susceptible to what he described as the “cheap and ill attitude” of NDC members.

He emphasized that the voters are starting to recognize the importance of tangible development over divisive tactics and rhetoric.

“The electorates in the area are now wising up and will not fall for such ‘cheap and ill attitude of the NDC’s members’ for votes,” Patrick said confidently.

He therefore believed that this growing awareness among voters would lead to a shift in political allegiance towards the NPP, which he argues has a proven commitment to the development of Zebila.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Moses Apiah|Ghana

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